Marcos Salamanca is located in the small town of Sotoserrano.
In the Natural Park of Sierra de Francia. Its ecosystem was declared
a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO at its meeting held in
Paris in October 2006.

A place where time goes by at the pace of the Sun and Moon.
And days elapse slowly.

There is no rush. It is difficult to imagine a better place to Cure and Refine the Aroma,
Flavour and Texture of Iberian Acorn Ham.

Its special location, amid the Tagus and Douro Rivers, the local landscape
which is mainly mountainous, and the region’s climate have all allowed this Ecosystem to be preserved
up to the modern day.

From the very beginning, when you reach the valley of Las Batuecas, you can just feel
that you are entering a place with a special energy. And that odd sensation is only confirmed
when you reach Sotoserrano. At first glance, you might think it is like many
other small towns. Nothing unusual draws your attention. Except the local inhabitants.

The people, known as Soteños, have large, strong hands and a clean,
clear look in their eyes, allowing them to see life in a very different way from
most others.

To them, Nature is a neighbour who lives two streets away. Sometimes
it gives them gifts like honey. Other times it provides cherries, almonds or wine.
In exchange, they treat it with care and respect.

Since 1965, they have been producing Iberian Acorn Ham exactly the way
it was made in the past. Following an old artisanal recipe handed down from one generation
to the next.

Jamón cured in the pure air of the Sierra de Francia, the perfect microclimate
which allows for a much slower curing process than in any other place, giving our products
a Flavour, Aroma and Texture which are truly exceptional.

Some things don’t just happen by chance. Marcos Salamanca.
Countryside Ibéricos. The way they used to be made. The way we will
keep making them forever.

The Sierra de Francia provides a unique climate perfect for curing ham.
A mild and humid climate paired with the region’s pure air are the real secrets of our exclusive
slow-cured process, which means we can custom-cure each ham individually
to ensure the best possible degree of ageing for each piece.

A privileged enclave in the south-western part of the province of Salamanca, located at
the heart of Sierra de Francia Natural Park. The mountains, dotted by fruit trees and filled with valleys
criss-crossed by numerous rivers and streams, possess an exceptional microclimate.

UNESCO declared Las Sierras de Béjar y Francia a Biosphere Reserve at a meeting held
in Paris in October 2006.According to UNESCO, a biosphere reserve is a natural area meant to
demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature.

Marcos Salamanca places special focus on environmental friendliness,
ensuring that nothing we do damages the land around us,
which in turn promotes animal welfare.

Our pigs are raised on a truly free-range system, free to graze our pastures (dehesas)
where holm and cork oaks create the perfect ecosystem by producing the indispensable food for our herds: acorns.
A source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that makes the slow and steady curing of all our hams possible.

Pastures (dehesas) selected on the basis of the density of their trees and a controlled usage cycle.
Pastures which, because herds are limited and due to their natural features,
ensure conservation in terms of sustainable growth.

During the grazing time known as the montanera, Marcos Salamanca’s Iberian breed pigs
are fed with the resources found on the pasture (dehesa). Acorns from oak trees, grasses
and various aromatic plants infuse their meats with subtle aromatic nuances.